Jan 17, 2015

Cupcakes - Quick Decorations

Cupcakes are easy and fun to make. I love them for the simple reason that I don't have to cut a cake.  In addition to that, you can decorate them in a flash.

Here in this demonstration I am using 3 different decorating tips to give three different look to the cupcakes.

Left #1M , in the middle #6B , at the right 1A, all Wilton tips.

Result from #1M

Jan 10, 2015

Cream of Tartar

Presenting her majesty, the Queen Cream of Tartar, all dressed in royal garments and ready for baking.

I use this white powder in my baking, especially when I make meringue icing.  A lot of people have never heard about this ingredient.  I receive emails from people especially from Europe asking me to explain the ingredient.  Some have even told me that they cannot find this product where they live.

As I am not an expert in the science of spices I decided to go to a reliable source to see if I could then explain to my readers about the product, perhaps better than I wood.  Interesting enough, there is a whole lot of information out there in the Internet about the product in question.

Decoupaged Bottle

What does Decoupage really mean? Decoupage is a French word that literally means to cut out pieces of paper and glue them on objects. I'm being serious, I’m not making this up—that’s what decoupage is all about.  But of course you just don’t go around pasting pieces of paper on everything you see.  Some surfaces can be decoupage while others can’t as they are porous and won’t absorb the glue.

                                       Before                                                           After

You can Decoupage with napkins, thin paper, paper clippings, thin fabrics, tissue paper, but the softer the material the better it is. Basically, you can use just about anything to decoupage, however, images printed with ink-jet printers are not recommended as the ink smears.

Jan 9, 2015

Wine Rack

My daughter got me hooked on pallet boards.  Last summer I spent several days doing different projects with pallet boards, including this small wine rack, which can be used for many of things and not just for wine.

I found this particular pallet already “assembled” and all I had to do was cut the top off of the pallet because it was too long.  I then cleaned it with bleach to disinfected it and let it dry.  Next I used my electric sander and sanded it down to smooth the surface and all the edges.  I finished it up by applying a white-wash (pain diluted with water) to give it a distressed look.  Stenciled letters with black acrylic paint and tied some plastic grapes that I had left over from doing a craft project (always save left over,) ta da!