Nov 20, 2012

Turkey Gravy - Hassle-Free Thanksgiving Meal

Thanksgiving without gravy? Bite your tongue!

Basic turkey gravy

About 2 cups of turkey drippings that has been skimmed (reserve 3 tablespoon of turkey fat)
3 tablespoons Turkey fat (that has been reserved)
About ¼ cup all-purpose flour
Salt and pepper to taste

In a small saucepan, combine flour and fat. Mix until smooth.
Stir in drippings 2 cups of drippings
Bring to a boil
Cook and stir frequently to avoid lumps for about 3 minutes or until thickened.
Season with salt and pepper to taste (be careful not to put too much salt since the drippings have salt already from turkey).

Yields 2 cups

Thanksgiving Menu
Green beans casserole
Candied Yams (make ahead of time
Cranberry sauce (make ahead of time)
Apple pie (make ahead of time)
Fruit punch (make ahead of time)