Dec 7, 2012

Cake Pops - Star of David

My kids know that I am fascinated with the Jewish culture and some of their traditions; sometimes they even tease me about it in a good and fun way, and I don’t mind at all. One of my dreams is to some day visit Israel, and visit the sites where Jesus walked.

My daughter Grace sent me a pre-Christmas gift which I was allowed to open way before Christmas. To my surprise, it was a kit for making Star of David cake pops. She said to me, “I know how much you like Jewish stuff and I know you are going to be thrilled when you get this.” Sure enough--I was thrilled.

The kit comes with the cake mix, the frosting mix, blue melting wafers, white sanding sugar, Star of David metal cutter, cake pop sticks, cake pop display, piping bag and directions sheet. What you will need is butter, water, eggs, powdered sugar and milk. It is suitable for Hanukkah if you wish.

The cake pops are easy to make. The only thing I would do different is not use the pop sticks that came with the kit. I think these pop sticks are too wide for the size of the cake pops, and if you are not careful the cake pops would split in half—I had some breakage. In the future I would buy thinner pop sticks.
I first got interested on cake pops after my daughter talked to me about it last year. Since then, I’ve made a few cake pops myself.

If you don’t want to get the kit, but want to make these cake pops, follow the directions in this post. All you need to do is by a star of David cookie cutter at any craft store or online.
Overall this cake pops where easy and fun to make!

My daughter got the kit from

You need to roll out the dough to ¾ inch thick and freeze for at least 20 minutes, and then cut out the stars. Refreeze again for another 20 minutes before covering with the candy melt.

Celebrate the season with something special! HAPPY HOLIDAYS!

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