Dec 7, 2012

Marble Effect on Sugar Cookies

A Great way to decorate cookies is with a marble effect.  It is simple and easy to accomplish!

There is no right or wrong way of marbling cookies!

I have been very busy baking cookies and really don’t have a whole lot of time to decorate them as pretty as I would like to. One simple way that I find that is fast and pretty is doing the marble effect in cookies decoration. The marble effect is done using multiple colors.

To acquire the marble effect on a cookie follow these directions. For the purpose of demonstrating how easy this decorating method is, I will utilize three colors only. You can use as many colors as you’d like.  I will also need a toothpick.

Here's how you can make the dough for the cookies.
Here's how you can make the icing for the cookies.

1. After baking cookies, let them cool.

2. Flood cookies.  Always leave a space around the edge.  I sometimes tend to forget to leave a space around the edge and end up with overflowing the cookies.  This can always be fixed but is best if a space is left around the border.
3. With cookie still on the surface, shake cookie from left to right to help the icing settle.

4.  Immediately, pipe your other colors over the icing.  The more colors you have the more marbleized your cookie will look.  Shake cookie again to help the new icing settle.

5.  With a toothpick, beginning with the background color, slide the toothpick down across all colors.  Repeat again.

6. Shake cookie again, to help icing settle.

You can do the stripes in whatever direction you want them to go.

Here, I did a side-to-side  and down motion.

I've done all these decorations plus others with just three colors.

To hang them, I used a small nail and put it through to make a small hole and put ribbon through.  You can also make a whole on the cookie dough before you bake them, but I prefer doing the hole after I flood them.

NOTE:  Sometimes air bubbles form within the icing.  You can break them by poking it with a toothpick.

Please let me know how your's came out.

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