Jan 18, 2013

Basic Cooking Ingredients

There are three (3) basic ingredients that a cook should not be without. These are: GARLIC, ONION, and SALT. The rest are flavor enhancers.

With these three main ingredients your dishes should taste great.

  • Garlic: Besides adding flavor to food, it has been used as medicine for treating different types of diseases.
  • Onion: There are many types of onions. Personally, I prefer Spanish onion. I like to use purple onions for salads.
  • Salt: It is a mineral composed mainly of sodium chloride. It is great for seasoning but should be consumed with caution, as too much or too little salt in your diet can cause neurological problems or even death.
So the next time you want to give a little flavor to your dish and if all you have are these three ingredients, your dish will taste great.

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